After being made to wait two weeks since its original release, ChatGPT app for iPhone and iPad is finally available in Spain. It’s free and can be installed from the App Store. In addition, it synchronizes all conversation history with the network and has voice recognition using an OpenAI-developed model called Whisper.

The initial launch of the app for iPhone and iPad took place without prior notice on May 18th. Although Open AI did not mention that they are developing an app for smartphones or tablets, this is not a big surprise given the huge popularity that ChatGPT has.

OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022 and its adoption is proceeding at a pace never seen before, demonstrating the impact AI can have on our lives when it is simple and easy to use. What was originally an experiment has become one of the most important vectors of what we live today, both before and after in technology and innovation.

Without a doubt, we are experiencing the beginning of a real revolution, driven by simple, well-designed, low-cost or zero interfaces. This has allowed anyone to access artificial intelligence and use it as a tool that offers incalculable value. From simple things like developing an article to creating code that Really works.

ChatGPT has also accelerated the development of other AI-based services by tech giants like Google.

Taking advantage of the huge popularity of ChatGPT, OpenAI has launched a payment method for the service, through which you can access a more advanced version based on GPT-4for $20 a month.

The ChatGPT app for iPhone and iPad is now available for free in Spain.

The ChatGPT app for iPhone and iPad is now available in Spain from the Apple App Store. We reiterate that this is free and will likely help eliminate a large group of fake applications that claim to provide access to the AI ​​service, even if they are not true.

These fake apps started showing up in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the absence of an official one. And, surprisingly, bypassing the control of both companies.

OpenAI has not yet released an app for Android phones. While they assured it was in development, they did not specify when it would arrive or what requirements it would have. They only said that it will be available “very soon”.

Source: Hiper Textual

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