Subordinate to Roskomnadzor, the State Radio Frequency Center (GRChTs) of the definition scheme, which allows you to get information about the operation of networks in real time.

The GRFC constantly evaluates the quality and availability of communication services for the population in certain districts and areas of general use of federal significance. Communication quality refers to data transfer speed and signal stability.

The GRFC is creating a geographic information system that allows, due to time, to receive relevant up-to-date information for literally every settlement in the Russian Federation.

– RKN representative

Now the measurements are updated once a year, they can be trusted on the site of communication quality.rf. After receiving the new system, it will be possible to get the quality of online communication at any time.

A Vedomosti source in one of the operations believes that the system primarily operates to control the implementation of the decisions of the State Committee for Radio Frequencies on the obligation to act to disclose criminal liability for general unpopulation of the population per 1000 inhabitants and federal highways. [Ведомости]

Source: Iphones RU

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