The Yadro group (Yadro; part of ICS Holding) announced the start of production of a line of tablets under the brand name Kvadra, writes Kommersant. The first devices will be shown at the Digital Industry of Industrial Russia exhibition on May 31.

The Yadro Group started the production of tablets under the Kvadra brand

Tablets will be produced at the Dubna plant, the cost of the flagship model will be 39.9 thousand rubles. The devices are based on the KVADRA OS mobile operating system based on the Android open source project.

The Rustore home app store will be pre-installed on the tablets, and a separate extended version with the Russian Aurora operating system will be released for corporate customers and the public sector. By the end of the year, in addition to tablets, it is planned to start the production of laptops and PCs.

Plans to launch tablet production on KVADRA OS were announced in April. Then the “Kernel” recruited the developers of a mobile operating system based on the open source code of Android.

Judging by the declaration of conformity, the first batch of such tablets was declared for import into the Russian Federation at the end of 2022. It follows from the document that the devices were manufactured at a Chinese company in Shenzhen.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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