ESET researchers found a “spy” in the Google Play store. The iRecorder – Screen Recorder app secretly recorded audio from the device’s microphone and gave hackers access to the files. Malicious code was added to the app along with the latest update.

A “spy” was found on Google Play: hackers secretly recorded the sound of a microphone and gained access to files

The Android app iRecorder – Screen Recorder secretly recorded the sound from the microphone and also gave hackers access to the files on the device. TechCrunch writes about this, citing the ESET researchers who discovered the “spy.”

iRecorder – Screen Recorder recorded one minute of smartphone microphone background sound every 15 minutes. Malicious code was added to the app along with the latest update. The post clarifies that it is not yet known who exactly added the code: hackers or developers.

The app has already been removed from Google Play, since its launch on the store in September 2021, iRecorder – Screen Recorder has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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