Once upon a time, I was a keen hunter for Easys, but after a few seasons, the realization came that the quality of the original creations of Adidas and Kanye West is absolutely not worth that much money.

Adidas Yeezy can only be worn in dry weather, they instantly get wet, even if they just drive through asphalt that is wet after a watering machine, and the vaunted foam outsole wears out on a harsh road surface faster than rubber.

So I got an excellent replacement for hype sneakers: a no less famous brand, excellent quality, the same elastic sole, waterproof but breathable upper, and most importantly, the price is adequate, 9199 rubles.

Meet Under Armor Ua Hovr Machina 3 10.

Style, quality, convenience.

The American company Under Armor has been a supplier of sportswear for American teams and athletes of various sports since 1996, and a supplier of sports shoes since 2006.

The brand is considered to be one of the coolest in terms of comfort, light and reliable sneakers that you can wear on yourself. daily routine.

One of the most recognized models is the Ua Hovr Machina 3 10. Half of the major leagues of American football run in sneakers, which means something. When I first wore these shoes, I fell in love with the Under Armor brand and would not trade it for delicate and decorative “easy-boosts” again.

See for yourself: the upper is made from a specially designed breathable fabric base without any overlays or seams. Forget calluses and chafing, these shoes wrap around your foot like a second skin.

The grooved outsole has superior traction on asphalt, a patented UA HOVR-enhanced material effect that greatly increases the impact of walking or running, returns energy and literally helps you move forward.

Well, the insole is also soft, with a thickening in the heel area. As soon as you put on the Ua Hovr Machina 3 10, you immediately want to jump, because you feel light and elastic.

There are the most popular sizes, the color is seasoned, black and white. For every day outfit – that’s it.

Treat your picks with summer sneakers. valid current price of 9199 rubles instead of 22 999, it will be your best purchase in the summer case.

Source: Iphones RU

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