This week, Cali mayoral candidate Catalina Ortiz He disclosed that a man had fallen victim to a macho attack while running the campaign. “Go home Mija. that’s what you have to do. The woman needs to be at home, she needs a strong hand to lead her,” they shouted from the car.

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The incident caused outrage among citizens and echoed on social networks, but this Thursday, candidate Ortiz apologized for what had happened and admitted in an interview with EL TIEMPO that the act was staged, although he assured that it was not staged.

“I’m sorry for what happened and I repeat that I didn’t know it was a staging. I was never informed, I didn’t pay for it, and I didn’t know until now that a video had surfaced was untrue,” he explained.

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Ortiz even denied that the scene was a montage, since the mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, had asked the applicant to respond if that was the case. In fact, on social networks, the man who allegedly attacked her was found to be an actor.

“Miss Catalina Ortiz, is that true? That verbal aggression is a trap? It’s about an actor close to an advertising company affiliated with you?”. said.

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After the evidence shown on social networks and the claims of citizens, Catalina Ortiz realized what had happened and regretted the strategy used.

“I am very sorry for what has happened and I request that this serve to form a united front to defend women’s rights,” she said.

Ortiz hopes to get Confirmation of the Honor and Loyalty Party of Jorge Enrique Robledo and Sergio Fajardo To officially register their candidacy in the October 29 elections.

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The woman added: “I reiterate my grief over these events to all people who have trusted us, and I can assure you that we will try to turn this anger and societal rejection into something that will protect women in our society.”

Regarding the situation, even the mayor of Medellín, Daniel QuinteroHe offered 10 million pesos from his salary in exchange for information to identify the person who allegedly attacked Ortiz.

“Macho violence is a reality that takes the lives of many Colombians every year. I’m sorry to fall into this trap because it results in (just) downplaying and ignoring (just) thousands of real cases. Candidate Catalina Ortiz must answer for this montage we have presented. deceived,” Quintero said.


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