Startup Aerodrums 2 is a continuation of a prestigious project that was created with the most humanistic goal in the world – the ability for people to play drums in a way that does not interfere with anyone around. To do this, the authors of the startup assembled the drum kit itself, replacing it with a virtual analogue. There is no noise, because the user himself chooses where to send the sound – to his headphones, to external speakers, or simply record the melody to a file.

Aerodrums 2 differs from the first version in that here all the main components are assembled in one compact module, and there are no additional devices, although there are few of them connected. It is necessary to attach special marks to the legs, the same ones are on the included drumsticks, so that the camera can feel their movement. Visual data is compared with the location of the virtual drums and, when they are “hit”, it synthesizes the appropriate sound.

For convenience, you can connect an external monitor to Aerodrums 2, which will display an image of the device itself and the user’s hands and feet in time conditions. This is convenient for those who are just learning to play the drums. At the end of the week, Aerodrums 2’s first round of investment costs $526, and a small dinner is planned for $799.

Source: Tech Cult

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