Experts from the Russian National Research Medical University named after NI Pirogov are working to establish a universal clock for aging, said Alexei Churov, director of the Institute for the Study of Aging at the Russian National Research Medical University.

Chronological age is different from actual biological age. Russian researchers are developing an aging calculator based on the evaluation of various indicators such as clinical, biochemical, epigenetic and others. Churov notes that there is not much need for determining age, but it is necessary to accurately identify targets and evaluate the effectiveness of geroprotectors, anti-aging agents.

Currently, scientists have created two special calculators. The first is aimed at assessing the condition of the vessels, and the second is based on data obtained by echocardiography – ultrasound of the heart. Watches developed by specialists are more efficient than world analogues, the error in determining the age of which can be from eight to 12 years. The researchers also plan to build calculators based on genetic and epigenetic markers.

Source: Ferra

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