There is a real Oscar for Optical Illusions, an award organized by neuroscientists at the Neuronal Correlation Society who seek to reward these effects.

And the winner of this 2023 has to do with Harry Potter and that classic image when the heroes of the saga crossed the wall of platform 9 and 3/4 of King’s Cross station in London.

Platform 9 34s

Matt Pritchard, an illusionist from the UK, won first prize for his amazing illusion. Platform 9 and 3/4. Inspired by the Harry Potter universe, this anamorphic illusion features a toy car and LEGO figures that appear to break through a solid brick wall.

The illusion consists of a LEGO car driving through a solid wall. In fact, there is a hole the size of a car in the middle of the wall through which the toy can pass. The empty space of bricks is replaced with an anamorphic illusion on the ground behind the wall. When viewed from a certain point of view, the vertical and horizontal bricks line up and form a single solid wall. The pattern masks the edges and makes it extremely difficult to distinguish any gaps, ”says the author.

At this link you can see the ten finalists selected by experts.

Source: Digital Trends

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