Researchers from the Charles Darwin University in Northern Australia have uncovered one of the secrets of the medicine of the indigenous population of the Australian deserts. They have been used since ancient times in lactic gluten plants Calophyllum inophyllum and Tinospora smilacina. It is stated that the first occurrence of a recurrent effect, secondary inflammation and acceleration of healing was not triggered. However, how exactly this works, the Australians never thought about it.

Meagerly crush the kernels of Calophyllum inophyllum fruits and squeeze the juice from the leaves of Tinos For smilacin to mix both components with water to obtain a healing drink and ointments. Scientists have gone further and share the nanoemulsion, a solution with a droplet size of a substance less than 200 nanometers, which can penetrate the skin. This allows you to treat closed wounds – ulcers, inflammations, arthritis, etc. They sprayed with a cold method of removing fatty oil from scratch, from scratch and from emulsion.

Laboratory studies showed that the detection of Calophyllum inophyllum oil against 0.4% of damaged tissues after emulsion treatment completely healed within 48 hours. When added to the Tinospora smilacina emulsion, healing narrowed from 90% after 24 hours. In comparison, natural tissue development without trace treatment healed at 39-70% after 48 hours.

study of the presence of antioxidant antimicrobial properties in such emulsions. Plus, it turned out to be very stable, resistant to detection and detection for long-term storage. The historical experience of using aborigines has proved that it is convenient to carry a flask with a ready-made emulsion and use it as a universal remedy for wounds and pain. Scientists hope that they have properties in plants and other beneficial substances. properties.

Source: Tech Cult

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