Firewall is a necessary security component of any device. Apple computers are suspicious of a firewall that can be configured to protect against cyber threats. This is useful for protecting data, saving traffic, increasing network connection speed to block the account of unnecessary programs.

Now standard macOS firewalls, free and paid filtering solutions are used.

How to install the built-in firewall in macOS

macOS already has a built-in service that allows you to block some or all incoming connections to your Mac. In rare cases, this may be more secure against external connections.

1. Go to System Preferences – Network – Firewall.

2. Activate the main switch.

3. Click the button Options…

4. configure the firewall settings as you wish.

In the menu you want to add applications for which to deny all incoming connections. After adding a program to the list, it can still be uploaded to the network.

In addition, you can block all incoming connections and activate the stealth mode (the inability to appear to the computer).

How to set up a firewall through third-party applications

The standard firewall has almost no options and only allows you to block incoming connections. If you want to set up protection or block the original signals for signals, fruit ejections by external tools.

Here is a set of paid apps for setting up macOS network activity.

little snitch (our utility review) is one of the most popular buyable solutions. The application can block connections to unwanted sites and programs, as well as warn users of any connection attempts.

The application has a pleasant and pleasant appearance, but at the same time considerable. €69 for one operation.

🛒 Buy little snitch on the developer’s site.

Radio Silence is a more accessible firewall that can block connections at the port level. It has a simple interface and is easy to collect.

The configured utilities are enough for undemanding users, while the application costs much less. A license for one computer will cost $9.

🛒 Buy Radio Silence on the developer’s site.

Murus Firewall is a supposedly more powerful firewall that can block connections at the application and port level. It has a lot of features, but it can be introduced to the collection for beginners.

Production of flexible securities 10 $.

🛒 Buy Murus Firewall on the developer’s site.

How to Set Up Free Firewall on Mac

Little Snitch Mini – a stripped down version of the version above the utility. It does not have such an abundance of settings and parameters as the more functional old program. You can compare the capabilities of the two versions on the basis.

In the application version, only network activity monitoring is available. You can see which apps are available online and in any countries or regions that share data. To filter the incoming and outgoing stream, you need to pay a subscription – 99 rub. per month (14 day trial available). The application is available in the Apple store, which means that you can pay for the in-app purchase using this method.

🛒 Download Murus Firewall from the Mac App Store.

Lockdown Privacy – Another free solution that has a sufficient set of useful options and chips. The utility is open source and is being actively developed by developers.

🛒 Download Lockdown Privacy from the Mac App Store.

It’s worth remembering that using a firewall can sometimes interfere with network traffic, so it’s important to test your network connections after enabling the firewall to make sure everything is working properly.

Now you know how you can take control of incoming and outgoing traffic on Mac.

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