nintendoswitch This is one of the best selling game consoles. Moreover, it has the feature of being portable console with the game wherever you go and that too connects to TV play with as many inches as possible. And to enjoy their games, you can buy them in physical format or download them digitally from your official store. And discover them thanks to SwitchBuddy.

When you’re not sitting face to face with your Nintendo Switch, you can do other things. It’s been a long time since then game consoles have companion applications or related applications. You install them on your Android, iOS, or iPadOS and they are used to chat with friends, browse game stores, and more. The PlayStation, the Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch have it.

But speaking of Switch, its official app, Nintendo Switch Online, leaves much to be desired. First, it is limited to online gaming features. So you need a paid subscription. And it is only compatible with some games. Also, if we compare it with the PlayStation or Xbox app, we will miss out on many features such as access the storereceive notifications when a new game is released, or find out about official offers. All this you will have to do, yes or yes, from the Nintendo Switch itself.

“Companion App” for Nintendo Switch

But no where Nintendo appears, there will always be a developer ready to go further. So with switchbuddy, an unofficial companion app for the Nintendo Switch that is set to become official. Mostly free, although it does allow hints and downloads on both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), it fills in the gaps left by the official app Nintendo Switch Online.

In fact, switchbuddy is used for:

  • copy screenshots (photos and videos) from Switch to mobile phone
  • See the catch yourself Photo gallery
  • see them games that came out to the market and those who are about to fall
  • discover new games and see what’s already posted
  • Activate Notifications find out when the new game will be released
  • Put widget with the countdown of the game you so want to play
  • see them official discounts games
  • And, as an addition, it has a section for news in English about switch

And if you choose unlock paid version, the list of favorite games has no limit. Plus, you’ll be able to follow all of them in iOS widgets until their release date. As well as getting themes and icons to decorate the application itself.

With SwitchBuddy, you can copy Nintendo Switch screenshots to your smartphone or tablet.

Transferring Switch Screenshots to Your Mobile

One of the notable features of the Nintendo Switch is that you can take screenshots while playing in an easy and comfortable way. Just press the button. But as you fill your Switch with screenshots, you’ll need move them to another place with more space.

With SwitchBuddy you can do it comfortably. It basically uses the official method of the console itself. But that makes it even easier for you. By going to the “Transfer” tab in the app, you can directly scan the QR code of the switch on start transferring screenshots. And then you can see them both in the Android or iOS gallery, and in the application’s own gallery.

With this application you will be aware of news, premieres and discounts

Discover new games for Nintendo Switch

But the highlight of SwitchBuddy is the gaming part. In chapter Games you will find one switch game list based on the IGDB online database. In this section you will see new games, already published games, you will have the opportunity to create list of favorite games and get access to game tokens with descriptions, technical sheet, screenshots and videos.

It’s over. You can also find deals posted on Nintendo eShop, the official Switch store where you can buy and download games and apps. Accessible from the console itself and from the browser, at a glance you will see available offers. And if you like it, you can see it in the online store through the browser. Not being an official application, integration is improving. On the other hand, price information is limited. USA and Europe (US dollar and euro).

If you install SwitchBuddy on iOS, you can fill your screen with notifications of new Nintendo Switch releases.

Widgets and Notifications for New Releases

Continuing to talk about how important it is to stay up to date with Switch games, SwitchBuddy lets you set calendar reminders to learn about publishing the titles you want. So you will be one of the first to buy it. Either in physical format or directly from Nintendo eShop.

V iOS version Widgets are also available to view on the screen of your iPhone or iPad. countdown for the game you want to play as soon as it comes out. And a convenient calendar for viewing what games are coming out this month. Yes, indeed. This last widget is only available in the paid version.

Of the shortcomings, SwitchBuddy is only available in English, German, Japanese and Chinese. We hope so turn on spanish soon between their languages. And because it’s not an official app, it lacks certain integrations, such as syncing your favorites list with our Nintendo ID list, or direct access to the online store. But to be alone unofficial application and almost free, you can ask for a little more.

Source: Hiper Textual

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