Joe Cameron

Scientists from University College London have obtained the key to switch the mechanism of ultra-fast wound healing and resistance to pain. I am the genetic material of the Dutch nationality of Jo Cameron, who does not see this, like Anxiety, is not afraid of pain and does not resort to certain types of injuries – they heal themselves. Cameron’s phenomenon intrigued scientists back in the 60s, when she underwent many complex operations without anesthesia.

Strictly speaking, Cameron imagined pain, but at the level of an informational signal that does not bother her. As Jo admitted, as a child, she felt burns by the smell of burnt flesh, and not pain. And it’s not stupid to see why, Scratch and Ushibov, that they are not the same as after the fact – against em faster than a woman learns about another injury. Cameron’s secret hidden in a genetic anomaly that needs to be deciphered.

manifestations, detecting the detection of anomalies in the FAAH gene, which is responsible for the sensation of pain and mood. Then they found in the “junk” part of the Cameron genome a gene that mediates the expression of FAAH, and also contains unknown mutations. I was born FAAH-OUT. As science advances, fragments of FAAH and FAA H-OUT have been found in other genes.

It turned out that the mutation captures at least 348 genes, but does not activate 797 drugs. Credit WNT, title valid for rank, BDNF, title regulated, and ACKR3, title removed from the opioid level in the environment. The research is ongoing, but the reasons why Joe Cameron remembers a superhero in comparison to an ordinary person are already known. Scientists hope that they have new knowledge to alleviate the suffering of others. of people.

Source: Tech Cult

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