Apple TV+ seems no longer interested in the planned Will Smith bio.

The 2022 Oscars were historic in many ways. main because first time a movie from a streaming platform has won an Oscar for best picture, this is an Apple TV+ movie. In addition, the CODA awards were also historic as it was a movie made mostly by deaf actors. But what many will remember, Argument between Will Smith and Chris Rock on stage.

That’s what many will remember from this historic premiere, and it will have consequences. as he reported Sunplatforms like Netflix and Apple TV+ very interested in getting the rights to a Will Smith bio Based on his autobiography. However, after what happened at the Oscars, both companies they “quietly withdrew” their offer to work on this project.

Netflix and Apple TV+ have quietly dropped their bids for a Will Smith biopic and will instead redistribute funding and develop original ideas from new black actors. Working with Will has become a risky business. Now they plan to develop ideas with more familiar stars like Mike Epps and Michael B. Jordan.

Will Smith

Apple will no longer be interested in Will Smith’s biography

What will happen to Will Smith now?

Will Smith submitted his resignation to the Film Academy after the events of the Oscar ceremony, and the Academy accepted it, We’ll see what happens to the best actor Oscar.. Other projects, such as the fourth episode of “Bad Boys” and the Netflix project starring Will Smith with “Fast And Loose,” have also been suspended.

We do not know if the report came from reliable sources, but we do know that Apple usually doesn’t want to be associated with such a discussion, so it’s pretty logical. Chris Rock’s slap in the face after Will Smith joked about his wife’s hair on stage was broadcast live around the world and had a lot of negative repercussions, which Apple does not want to be associated with.

It should also be noted that Will Smith finishes filming for Apple TV+ movie ‘Emancipation’That Apple paid a fortune to get in 2020. There’s currently no set date for its premiere, and it’s unclear whether Apple will delay the project or eliminate it altogether.

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