Neurobotics product manager Alexander Zonov said that the neural interfaces that help control your brain’s activity will be used in the future to help you recover from alcohol and drug addictions.

The specialist noted that similar systems are already used in the rehabilitation of patients with paralysis, trauma and neurological disorders. The principle of their work is based on biological feedback, in which the user learns to control body movements and brain activity using video or audio signals. The sensors read the electrical activity of the brain and thus give the person feedback from the body.

This way, Zonov says, you can deal with all kinds of addictions. To combat these, the person learns to respond correctly to the impulse and stimulus that leads him to uncontrolled behavior. Gradually, in a stressful situation or when a trigger occurs, the person responds more adequately to it.

The approach does not require medical intervention. As a result, the expert emphasized that it is not the withdrawal syndrome that is important for the effectiveness of addiction treatment. Similar systems are already being created in Russia, but the pace of development is slowing down due to limited access to expensive equipment and insufficient cooperation between medical institutions.

Source: Ferra

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