During your presentation Microsoft Structure this Tuesday (24), it turns out that Microsoft is open get third party widgets Windows 11 still this year. The measure is an important step towards user customization of the platform, which is currently limited to the company’s own widgets.

In general, most of these features are in standard format, such as weather, news, traffic, entertainment, and small interactions to talk about lists. Now, the expectation is that OS users will have a wider range of usage options.

“We’re excited about the customer feedback on Widgets so far. People enjoy quick access to the content that matters most to them, seamlessly, without interrupting their stream,” said Panos Panay, President of Windows Products.

The company also decided to create a genre. interactive panel to search for new tools. it will still be possible customize these interactionsfor example, with changes in size and shape.

The innovation will allow developers to create new widgets for web applications. Win32 and PWA formats. However, Microsoft hasn’t revealed many details about how the interaction will work, let alone a concrete date for that.

In addition to new widgets, Windows 11 will receive improvements to ARM devices, as well as a new system for restoring applications from the Microsoft Store.

Source: Tec Mundo

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