Whoosh launched his own online store. There are already scooters and a capsule collection of clothing. During the summer, the collection will be replenished with accessories. Backpacks, fanny packs, glasses, thermoses, helmets and baseball caps will be on sale.

Whoosh launched an online store with clothes and scooters

The legal entity of the business address “WOSH TRADE” LLC is part of the Whoosh group of companies.

The clothing collection consists of models for both women and men. The things were created specifically for the Whoosh company.

In addition to things in the store, you can buy scooters and electric scooters. There are stalls for children and teenagers.

Buyers were offered affordable modern gadgets for adults – Ninebot F30, for children from 6 years old – Ninebot A6 (allows you to reach speeds up to 10 km / h).

The children’s models are also presented as simple two- and three-wheeled scooters for users from 2 to 10 years old.

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“We know everything about scooters and we understand the lifestyle and habits of micromobility users. It seems logical to us to offer customers not only a collection of clothing and accessories, but also modern models of private scooters”, says Dmitry Chuiko, founder and CEO of Whoosh.

The launch of the store is the beginning of the development of the Whoosh business ecosystem. This is a new direction of activity within the framework of the company’s slogan “Whoosh for more”, notes the press service of the service.

The new slogan appeared after the redesign of the service, as part of which the company updated the logo and identity, changed the color scheme and font.


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Source: RB

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