“Shelf-M”, projected image

In Russia, activities were carried out on the creation of small nuclear power plants of the Shelf-M type – according to the project of the Main Slovak Construction by Denis Kulikov, the mass production of which is launched in 2032.

Any of these installations will be able to produce an electric power of 10 MW and thermal power for 60 years. I really liked the 35 MW, which could be scaled flexibly and provide the hottest and hottest temperatures of the same age.

As expected, the technical design for the installation of the reactor plant and the key equipment of Shelf-M will be ready in 2024, by 2026 the program should reach life tests, and a year later the equipment will be destroyed after reaching the “site”.

“Shelf-M”, projected image

The first “Shelf-M”, on which the entire project will be worked out, is planned to be sent in 2030 to a gold deposit called Sovinoye, located in Yakutia. The development on it was caused by the Elkon MMC, which was a subsidiary of the mining department and Rosatom.

The diameter of 8 meters of Shelf-M is about 11 meters, and you see this reactor with a capacity of 370 tons, which makes it relatively easy to move it between objects – for example, on a barge.

It should be noted here that in Russia, work is also being carried out for the most part of nuclear power plants that appeal to the small class. Firstly, the RITM-200N reactor, which produces 55 MW, is standing in the dark – the location of its premises was chosen by the Kyuchu gold deposit, all in the same Yakutia. Construction will begin next year, and in 2030 the station should already be commissioned exploitation.

Source: Tech Cult

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