If you want to lose weight, eat these five foods for breakfast.

Raspberry. One cup of these fruits contains 8 g of fiber. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that eating plenty of fiber may aid weight loss. Researchers found that an 8 g increase in fiber intake for every 1,000 calories consumed resulted in 2 kg of weight loss.

Rolled oats. Thanks to oats, you can lose weight, and this is due to the fiber and protein content in it. A 2016 study found that eating fiber three hours before a workout can help you burn more fat.

yogurt. Many yogurts contain protein to help you lose weight. All because it saturates for a long time. But choose regular yogurt and add fresh fruit to it for sweetness.

peanut butter. Nuts are rich in fiber and protein and keep you feeling full for a long time. Plus, peanut butter is high in healthy fats. Two tablespoons of this oil – a little less than 200 kcal, 7 g of protein, 2 g of fiber.

Eggs. In one large egg – 6 g of protein and 72 kcal. According to EatingWell, people who ate eggs for breakfast felt full for longer and lost more weight, and lost twice as much weight as those who ate the same amount of calories from a bagel.

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Source: Ferra

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