Russian PC “Akinak”

Already quite successfully, the Russian company MIG presented a compact system unit called “Akinak”, which was built on the manufacturer’s own motherboard and a domestic ARM processor named “Skif”, developed by engineers from the Zelenograd center “Elvis” a couple of years ago.

Recall that the Skif chipset includes four energy-efficient computing cores Arm Cortex A53 with a frequency of 1.8 GHz, PowerVR GE8300 graphics (850 GHz), with a GPS receiver, an imitation of the Russian navigation system ss.

Russian SoC Russian SoC “Skif”

In the case of Akinaka, this is a single-crystal system running on an 8 GB switch, working according to the LPDDR4 standard, on mobile devices it is not removed from 64 GB, but is removed from a flash drive in the form of EMMS 5.1 at 32 GB (which is similar to SATA II on the day of the phone HDD or SSD), on the left the box on the PC is installed “Alt” – a domestic assembly of Linux from “Basalt SPO”.

In addition, we are talking about two M.2 connectors, which are not necessarily suitable for installing SSDs, but for additional modules. In the first paniOLS 5G.

Source: Tech Cult

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