Launching of unmanned aerial vehicles over residential areas is only allowed at altitudes below 150 meters and in special areas. At the same time, pilots of drones weighing up to 30 kilograms in line of sight will not be required to submit a flight plan, according to a draft government decree developed by the Ministry of Transport, which changes the federal rules for using Russian airspace.

It is assumed that special areas for drone flights will be created by the ministry itself, on the proposal of local governments. To fly outside and at high altitudes, drones will need to be equipped with permanent two-way radio communications with the State Air Traffic Management Corporation, the authority for air navigation.

At the same time, drone flight plans can be transmitted over the internet or over the telephone network. In addition, the draft resolution aims to simplify the procedure for the use of drones in agriculture.

At the end of May, the document was sent to the relevant federal authorities for approval. Mintsifra admitted he was taken. If approved, the new rules will take effect from March 2024.

Source: Ferra

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