Mario Bros. is one of the biggest franchises in the worldSince its inception, it has given a huge amount of content to the public of all kinds. Movies, TV shows, toys or whatever to talk about: video games.

One of the most characteristic and up-to-date games that the famous brand has released in recent years is Mario Kart Tour, where the player can compete in a fun and unique way from their mobile phone.

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As with almost all video games, There are ways or tricks to have a better performance. And the main thing in this is to be faster than others.
So, below you’ll learn five tricks so you can be the fastest in your game and be able to win and position yourself as number one.

If you’ve played Mario Kart games on other platforms, remember that the secret to being one of the fastest is undoubtedly knowing how to deal with skidding, so the best option is to do it manually, controlling the function yourself. not the game itself.

How you start is very important in racing games, That’s why we quickly teach you how to get off to a great start. and leave all your competitors behind.

As in any virtual race, there are default options that will make your experience much easier (if you are a new participant), but the bad thing about them is that they can affect the performance of any player even worse.

Therefore, we recommend removing the option called ‘Smart steering’. This will allow the character to move assisted only in corners and therefore you will not be able to control him.

Also turn off the ‘Auto Items’ feature, as this will cause it to launch instantly when you pick up one of them, not the way you want them to.
Finally, disabling ‘Gesture control’ is the best thing to do because the function of this tool is to turn your mobile phone into a steering wheel and this process can get tedious and tedious.

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If you have manual drift, as you were told to turn on earlier, if you shift the car to the side the character will drift, eg.But if you just swipe at a good speed, the character will make a small jump, providing better positioning as they keep running on the road.

As mentioned earlier, one of the strategies when playing this mobile video game is skating. You have to keep in mind that it has 3 levels. and each has a different turbo frequency.

Knowing this function We’ll give you some tips to skate like a pro and only then can you stand out as the fastest.

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And it’s easy You will be able to position yourself as number one in all the races you want to participate in. Note that this game is in all apps for download, whether it’s the Google Store or the App Store.


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