Spotify seems to have been inspired by YouTube Music for its next big feature. Daniel Ek, CEO of the Swedish streaming service: disclosed that they are working on a feature that will allow users to continue listening to music when they lose their Internet connection.

Said in this way, it may not sound too flashy. Especially since Spotify lets you download songs, albums, or entire playlists for offline listening. However, the new feature aims to offer something different.

As you can see in the screenshot shared by the executive, Spotify’s new feature is called Offline Mix. What does he do create a playlist of recently listened songsso that users can continue to use the service even if they lose access to the Internet.

As we indicated at the beginning, YouTube Music offers a similar option, which is called Offline Mixtape, since 2019. In fact, we can safely say that this is one of the few really good features offered by the Google-owned platform. This feature works thanks to “smart downloads”, including downloads from Mountain View.

In the case of Spotify, it is not yet clear how the Offline Mix option will work. It’s also unknown when it will be available to the general public, given that Ek has tweeted that the feature is in testing. However, being encouraged to talk about it publicly may be a good sign that it will be launched soon.

Spotify wants to offer a dedicated playlist when you’re offline

Spotify wants to offer a dedicated playlist when you're offline

Getting back to how this new Spotify feature could work, there are some interesting potential clues. According to the fee TechCrunch, some users have reported that this option is already available on their phones. Although one mentioned that in his case most of the songs in his playlist has not been previously downloaded for offline playback.

Since this feature is being tested, it is logical that there are certain inconsistencies. Also, the image Ek shared directly says “a mix of your recently played songs”which makes us think that Spotify is planning to play YouTube Music’s smart download model, which automatically saves recent activities until a certain number of songs are reached.

Another unknown information about Spotify’s Offline Mix is ​​whether it will be available to all users. or only for Spotify Premium subscribers. Due to the nature of the feature, it wouldn’t be strange if it were reserved for those using the paid version of the service. But we’ll have to wait for its launch to find out more about it.

Spotify is experiencing 2023 with many changes. Last March, the platform announced a major redesign of its apps, adopting a TikTok-inspired aesthetic. In addition, in April it became known that the service is breaking records with more than 500 million users per month. Although it wasn’t all good news. The company recently shut down Spotify Live, its ill-fated Clubhouse clone born from Greenroom.

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