The Italian cycling company MagneticDays has introduced an innovative dual gear Binary Gear. “Thanks” is a big bike that can become not only more efficient, but also lighter people, and some kind of mechanical “gearbox” is supposed to be in its design. This technological innovation is presented on Kickstarter to attract the attention and media of cycling enthusiasts.

The transmission appears in a set with a set of cranks, the mechanism can be adjusted. The manufacturer advocates support for two sizes – PF46 or T47. The speed is reduced to 1:1 (at the lowest speed), not the car, and subsequent ratios are increased to 1:1.25. In other words, with Binary Gear, the star can spin 25% faster than the cranks of the pedals. A special cable switch is responsible for shifting gears, which is attached according to the rule.

The Binary Gear transmission weighs approximately 500 grams more than a traditional bicycle bottom bracket. But the overall weight of the bike can be reduced because Binary Gear allows for smaller sprockets and a shorter chain. In this stadium, this is the starting point for the latest version of the $288 Binary Gear complex. After the start of sales, the retail price will be $960.

Source: Tech Cult

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