Last Tuesday (6), Twitch has released new rules for ads during live streams on the platform. Too strict rules hurt publishers and brands. The negative impact was so great that the service changed updates.

Usually, advertisers hire publishers to present products in feeds through recorded videos, sponsored games, images or reads added to live. The new rules will affect the first mode, Embedded Ads, from July 1st.

Twitch used to only allow reading ads, sharing affiliate links in chat, playing sponsored games, and viewing products in the background. Viewing images may only take up 3% of the screen.

One of the reasons for the change is that the platform rolled out its own display advertising version in May. However, the impact of the changes was extremely negative.

So Wednesday night (7) Twitch is back. “Yesterday, we released new branded content guidelines that impact your ability to work with sponsors to increase your stream revenue. These guidelines are bad for both you and Twitch, and we’re removing them immediately.”

The new guidelines list what types of branded content are included and what are not ads. The rule also adds a tool to let viewers know it’s sponsored.

Examples of branded content include games, unboxes, panels, logos, and product placements. Out of sponsored shirts or equipment. When advertising, the publisher must make the advertisement understandable and ensure that the content is legal.

Despite the changes in the rules, the effective date has remained the same. To give the streamers time to adjust, Paid content guidelines go into effect on July 1.

Source: Tec Mundo

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