low prices were offered for experiments on ChatGPT-3 for non-standard work – the creation of a new type of robots. Formally, a large language model is not associated with such activities, but in fact it is today the best tool for quickly determining the amount of accumulated sanity and knowledge. Therefore, they can give hints for solving a variety of problems.

At the ChatGPT-3 stage, we managed to highlight the three darkest ones in the dark – im ok they were hunger, aging and climate change. Scientists have chosen hunger because it needs to increase the amount of food grown, and this is the area where robots can be used. At the ChatGPT-3 stage, the team will launch a project – it turned out to be a tomato.

robot farmer

At the stage of neurosis, it was launched by launching a robot harvester from the surface of tomatoes. ChatGPT-3 does not have CAD tools, does not understand materials science and does not know how to assemble computer code to control the robot. Therefore, the neural network issued a draft description of the design, the associated terms of reference for the implementation of individual nodes. The very work of manufacturing parts of the robot and its adjustment was carried out by people, however, they had to make a minimum of effort to finalize it.

The robot harvester was designed and was really able to harvest the volumes of the crop while maintaining losses. Its fiber efficiency is desirable for the best, so a safe technology cannot solve the problem of increasing food production. But this is already a question of managing the neural network. Well, it was on ChatGPT-3 that we could use the most convenient strategy, using the data ideally, and not amazing.

Source: Tech Cult

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