number of users Spotify As an online music service, it has hundreds of millions, so it makes sense that the company is making regular changes to make their lives easier. And today it is known that new changes will be added to achieve just that.

Specifically, what is known is what they promote. house changes And to the surprise of many, the news comes first on Android (where distribution begins in some regions) and then the same will be done on iOS. Because of this, the way it works has changed a bit, and the reason is pretty clear: Users using Google’s operating system now earn a higher income than a terminal owned by Apple. All in all, this makes perfect sense.

What’s new in Spotify

These focus on providing an enhanced user experience, especially when it comes to search. new content This can be to everyone’s taste. Thus, in addition to showing buttons and icons that are much easier to use, resources and music and podcast advice. This way the idea is to make an advance so that the process is much more efficient and personalized when you want to hear something similar to what’s playing.

New Spotify Home for smartphones


When it comes to music, one of the big advances is finding more. fast content suitable for users’ musical tastes. Thus, for example, the recommendations of albums or playlists are improved. Also, it becomes easier to use Like buttons or your own to share something that suits us.

Podcasts and events will now be faster and more intuitive to get to the episodes you want to listen to, and in either case, much more weight will be given to recommendations. But if there’s one thing that’s definitely appreciated, it’s Descriptions most of the partitions will be more in hubs (and you will be able to start duplicating without having to leave this page).

Coming this news

Well, no date has been confirmed for this, but what is certain is that it is in the stable release of Spotify in some regions. they are already enjoying these changes While not very impressive, they have a huge benefit as they serve their purpose perfectly. In other words, it makes life much easier for users and makes recommendations more effective and easier to find.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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