His name is David Grush, he spent 14 years of his career in the United States Armed Forces at the age of 36 and is a high-ranking combat officer from Afghanistan who has worked for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the US National Office. Recognition (NRA). He is also the chief informant for the Pentagon. UFO phenomenon.

Grush spoke to NewsNation last week about how the United States is in an arms race with Russia and China understand extraterrestrial life.

In his last comments, he says that the “non-human” intelligence acted maliciously, even killing some people.

“I think it’s a logical fallacy because they’re advanced, they’re cute. We will never understand their full intention, and that is because we are not them. But I believe that what appears to be a malicious act has taken place.

“This is based on investigative actions on nuclear facilities and testimonies.

“While I can’t go into details because it would expose some of the U.S. covert operations, some people on the show told me that there were similar malicious events,” he said when specifically asked if they killed people.

Grush also made the startling statement that the United States government would do anything to protect secrecy, including killing people.

“At least I have seen substantial evidence that a white-collar crime was committed… unfortunately.

Finally, Grush confirms that “there is a sophisticated disinformation campaign targeting the US population that is highly unethical and immoral,” he said, accusing the US government of lying to the public for “decades.”

Source: Digital Trends

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