The exceptional crisis ant (real name – ed. Techcult) is now driving science crazy, as it turned out that the males of this species are chimeras, which is a fundamental priority of biological heredity. Scientists have previously assumed that the male ant id Anoplolepis gracilipes has a double set of chromosomes, which is already approaching the usual model of insect development. But now it has been found that opposite and paternal genomes exist in the cells – and they do not overlap.

Normally, as it was considered earlier, in the course of fertilization, the fusion of consumer genomes occurs by itself. From such eggs, only barren female workers are obtained and, with some frequency, a new uterus. If the egg remains unfertilized, it will become a male ant and have only one set of chromosomes.

Ant life Anoplolepis gracilipesAnt life Anoplolepis gracilipes

As for the gentlemen of the ladies, the young men wear a color that depresses the fact that they are at the scene of the incident, because it occurs in every case. This organism will add already formed cells with a different genome, and they will somehow take root, will not be rejected, then a chimera will turn out. It’s so, so it’s a clear story, and it’s more, I think it can be seen e. In this regard, this is a key issue in transplantology.

The uniqueness of yellow ant defects is that they are unique from fertilized eggs and have two sets of chromosomes that have not fused. Moreover, one cell contains one set, the neighboring cell contains another. And to this day, the ant feels great, although from the meeting of modern biology it should not exist at all. Scientists do not have this understanding, how this is possible, nor do they have an understanding of what the reach gives the ants, and why it was preserved during the evolutionary process. selection.

Source: Tech Cult

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