On the Mac system, there is no quick action to launch the desired program or game with a combination of several keys. However, this can be easily fixed with an application for Mac computers.

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How to set up a shortcut to launch any application on Mac

1. Launch the application Teams through search spotlight or Launchpad.

2. Click “+” to create a new team.

3. Action will come through the search box Open application and drag it to the next panel

4. Select the desired application from the dropdown list.

5. In the right pane, click the indicator “I” activate toggle switch Services Menu‎.

6. Click the button Add keyboard shortcuts and set the desired shortcut.

Now the selected application will be launched using the given set of keys.

Important! keys for launching programs should not coincide with system shortcuts. If, when recording, instead of opening the application, some action occurs with the system or another open one, replace the application with a brief description.

After that, you can duplicate the command and configure the launch of another application.

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