The first unmanned KAMAZ vehicles were launched on the M-11 federal highway. Although there are three of them, the route of each truck is accompanied by operators: they will call the service station and go through a section of the route.

The first unmanned KAMAZ vehicles were launched on the federal highway

The first unmanned KAMAZ trucks entered the route on the federal highway M-11 Neva, Fontanka writes. Three cars will deliver commercial cargo and collect information about the route for further processing by computer algorithms.

Each truck is accompanied by an operator who will take control by bypassing the section of highway near Tver and drive to the gas station.

KAMAZ has assembled six unmanned trucks capable of working in road conditions. Another 12 cars are planned to be released next year.

The government has approved an experimental legal regime that allows unmanned cargo transport to be launched on the M-11 highway between Moscow and Saint Petersburg in October 2022.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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