WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms today. Unfortunately, Meta limits us to one account per mobile device, which can be annoying for people who have business accounts and others that are more personal. However, this may change very soon. How do they comment from WABetaInformation, the company will be working on enabling multi-account support in its app..

This new was observed in the beta version of WhatsApp Business for Android, namely As the aforementioned media outlets explained, the account change process will be very simple. A drop-down menu will allow users to choose which profile to log in with. The result is very similar to a similar option that Meta integrated into Instagram a few years ago.

Once Meta decides to implement this change to its instant messaging service, you will be able to use your work and personal accounts on the same device. In addition, according to the links found WABetaInformation, This feature will appear in the regular version of the application..

Before that, having two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone was a difficult task. Users were required to make a copy of the app on their devices.a feature that is also only available for Android.

When will WhatsApp multi-account support be available?

Although WhatsApp has not confirmed anything, since WABetaInformation They already ensure that the hints seem to indicate that this will be available to everyone in the future. Before its official release, multi-account support should come first for beta users of the messaging servicebut it will probably be some time before we finally see him.

By integrating this feature for multiple accounts, users they will be able to manage their personal conversations, work and other social interactions more effectively. And all this without having to install any external services or duplicate WhatsApp on your mobile phones. This, of course, guarantees confidentiality and proper processing of notifications.

Other services, such as Telegram, already allow support for multiple accounts in their application. Although WhatsApp still has a significant gap in functionality compared to the competition.They seem to be obsessed with shutting it down. Since the middle of last year, we have seen very valuable features appear in the messaging app, such as channels, blocking conversations with a fingerprint, or editing messages.

Source: Hiper Textual

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