The scammers began contacting sellers of Wildberries and offering to help them increase sales. The attackers request access to a personal account, but, upon receipt, buy the assortment from the businessman at the lowest possible price. As a result, the latter lose money and property.

Wildberry sellers face a new scam

All the victims transferred data from their personal accounts to third-party services, the Wildberries press service told Izvestia.

Market representatives recommended restricting access to the account, preventing outsiders from accessing it. The company added that analyst services are in high demand by companies trading on the markets.

They collect data on how effectively certain products are selling, help create a sales strategy, and find the most profitable niches. This service is also used by scammers.

Wildberries said it regularly informs sellers about new fraud schemes and possible risks when transferring personal account data to third parties.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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