However, some of these features raise privacy concerns. For example, Microsoft was recently at the center of a scandal after discovering a bug that dumped browser history into Bing.

Now users may want to disable another feature that sends all the photos they view online to Microsoft.

It’s all about Edge’s built-in image enhancement tool, which Microsoft says uses “super resolution to improve the clarity, sharpness, lighting, and contrast of images on the web.”

However, recent updates to Microsoft Edge Canary have revealed more information about how this feature works.

The browser now warns that it sends image links to Microsoft instead of developing on the device itself. One of the main problems with “super permission” Edge and other questionable services is that they are enabled by default.

However, Microsoft is working to make this feature more flexible. In future Edge updates, users will be able to choose which websites should not be rendered by the browser.

Source: Ferra

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