The sixth season of Black Mirror has been released worldwide on Netlix.

It only included 5 episodes. Each, as usual, not connected to a friend, they all tell separate stories. And some of the timing is not inferior to full-fledged films.

We have already reviewed all the series and tell you what you should pay attention to and what not.

Impressions from each episode. What worked, what didn’t

we have several series in front of us at once, which are strikingly different from each other, not only the chosen one, but also the composition of the team, it would be fair to talk about each separately.

There will be no spoilers here. We are talking about the novelty only in significant terms. But I will say one thing – in each series there is an unexpected twist.

What is the series about: Brief description of each series.

1. ‘Joan is Terrible’: on an appearance whose personal life is starting to be shown on a streaming service

2. “Loch Henry”: about a couple that belongs to the series about a maniac

3. “Beyond the Sea” – about astronauts and their copies on Earth

4. “Maisy’s Day” is about the paparazzi and the star who hides from unnecessary attention

5. Demon 79 is about 1979, Satanism and racism.

In the very first episode, we return to all the same anti-upopia that the series as a whole adhered to. A topic is brought up that has long been asking for the level of film adaptation – an international agreement that no one reads.

For shooting in the series For example, Salma Hayek in a successful episode. And for “Over the Sea” they called Aaron Paul. All of them turned out well-developed characters, but you don’t believe all of them.

Surprisingly, throughout the episode “Joan is terribleIt felt like you were watching a similar episode of South Park, which also showed irony towards people who do not read the international discussion. Only it is presented a little differently, without harsh black humor, but with consistent satire.

In this case, the emphasis was on a cruel drama, where a person is to blame for what he has done to himself. And you, along with them, feel the full burden of the consequences of such a reckless decision. And the final twist, which, in general, turns out to be for you anyway unexpected.

In the episode “loch henry» popular popular horror movies, but don’t talk about technology. Until the very end, you don’t associate the pattern with the theme of the crime at all. And only in the last minutes the ALL ESSENCE of the technological world is revealed.

In general, this is a good detective story that can tickle the nerves of inexperienced viewers, but as part of the Black Mirror project, this complete failure. It does not fit the agenda at all and goes too far to the side.

Overseas” returns to the topic of technology and interacts with it more closely. The people on the spaceships have their own robocopies on Earth. They help astronauts to live life on earth, while they themselves live hundreds of kilometers from their homes somewhere in the sky.

This series will first affect mindfulness with a good message, and then abruptly change direction and show the true nature of humanity and how cruelty individuals are affected. As a result, we got one of the scariest episodes with elements of a psychological thriller, lasting 1.5 hours. This is a real movie (quite good), not part of the script.

IN “Maisie’s Day» The authors of the review They stupidly flirt with the audience and the review does everything they believe is normal. However, the endless level of delirium and outright stupidity in the actions of the characters only repels viewing.

And the very clue in the case, which is investigating the main character, SUDDENLY shoots. This is so unexpected that it seems that the authors themselves could not figure out how to competently integrate it into the plot. All in all, frank delirium.

Finally, the last episode “Demon 79”. They again return to the main theme of achieving the goal of the main character.

Everything is bad here. This is one of the failed horror films of recent years. It’s like a low-budget movie that’s playing with all its might on your nerves. Only this is in a completely different way – annoying.

Fast paced turns into a ridiculous comedy with bad humor and a ton of fake gore. In general, there is little good here.

“Black Mirror” has lost its essence

In this case, the authors simply forgot that they should be ironic about the destructiveness of technology. This was the case for the first four seasons. In the fifth already, the readers are self-repetitions, in the sixth and the exclusion, only two episodes out of five at least somehow talk about technique.

At the same time, relevant topics, such as neural networks, are totally rise. All sorts of topics raised do not keep pace with the times, they are stuck somewhere in the past. As if the information reaches the authors belatedly. If we analyze incorrect forecasts, then it looks unconvincing against the background of possible plots.

All episodes are built on repetitions and stereotypes. Only somewhere it looks normal, but somewhere too pretentious.

It can be seen that the authors simply ran out of ideas. And personally, I don’t understand at all what the purpose of this season was filmed. The Hyptrain is long gone.

What is the result: to watch or not

Writer and mastermind behind the season, Charlie Brooker, seems to be stuck in the past and trying to ride Black Mirror’s viberball cycles. Especially on the occasional Bandersnatch.

In the end, his stories are shredded and mundane. Only one couple of episodes in the preselection attract really interesting independent works, and only one of them is related to technology.

Nobody would lose anything. And now I don’t even have confidence that the costs of its production will be beaten off: the popularity of the soon managed to subside over the long years of operation, star actors do not try to play their roles, and the plots are often full of stupidity. This is a mediocre job that can be safely launched. No one will get worse from this.

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