The online clothing and footwear store Lamoda has launched an AI service for clothing selection. Based on artificial intelligence, the tool will show the user a large number of products and, after his reaction, whether he likes it or not, will narrow the range to the most suitable offers.

Lamoda launched an artificial intelligence service for the visual selection of clothing

A representative of the company spoke about the launch of a service with a “smart” search for merchandise on Lamoda. The tool will be useful for those who find it easier to visually select a product than to explain how it looks, the online store explained.

To use the service, the user must go to a specific category of products and click on the visual search banner. The tool will offer 15 random products from which you can choose the most suitable ones or completely update the selection.

After each user selection, the wizard will display products that are visually similar to those of interest to the buyer. Ultimately, the service will generate a unique selection for the client.

The smart visual product search tool has been launched in beta mode. You can use it on the Lamoda mobile app.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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