Apple TV+ is battling other consumer streaming services and is already surpassing Paramount+ in market share in the United States. According to a JustWatch report published by 9to5Mac, in the second quarter of 2024 its share grew between 1% and 9%.

9to5Mac: Apple TV+ approaches Netflix and surpasses Paramount+ in the US market
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The platform’s growth is fueled by an expanding content library and successful original productions, including popular series such as Severance, Silo and Pachinko.

Despite having a much smaller number of movies compared to competitors like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ is earning critical acclaim and boasts the highest-rated content on IMDb.

Apple TV+ is currently tied with Paramount+ with a 9% market share and catching up with Hulu and Disney+ at 10% and 11% respectively. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix dominate the market with 22% each.

The complete US market share rankings provided by JustWatch look like this:
Amazon Prime Video: 22%
Netflix: 22%
Maximum: 14%
Disney+: 11%
Hulu: 10%
Apple TV+: 9%
Supreme+: 9%
Others: 3%

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