The most interesting content for children is video, and the most popular video service is YouTube.

Children ages 4 to 11 are introduced to blogger content for the first time. From the age of 12, children prefer more complex topics and bloggers.

Children between the ages of 4 and 8 love watching cartoons and educational programs. Between the ages of 9 and 11, he loves cartoons and becomes interested in bloggers; young people watch movies and TV series.

Movix’s experience shows that plans that include books, music and games are very popular among young people, accounting for 60% of its target audience. Children aged 12-17 prefer to play online games in groups, and only 10% play offline games.

Shevchenko states that although children love video content, they do not forget about podcasts.

According to the expert, in the future, ordinary cartoons may fade into the background and content that the child will interact with may emerge.

The expert added that ultimately children need to control their time, so screen time limits can be set on devices. You can learn skills with the help of a gadget, so you should explain to your child that the gadget is a tool.

Source: Ferra

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