Flower Moon Assassins next movie Martin Scorsese And there is already the first trailer. The director recently gave an interview in which he mentioned his current relationship with cinema and shared his opinion on films such as Super Mario Bros.. He is one of the most authoritative voices by cinematic criteria. The one who will present his next full-length film in a few months.

The director’s last film to enjoy was Irishreleased in 2019 on Netflix. This production kicked up the dust due to its length (over 3 hours) as well as the strength of its cinematic language. In addition to controversy and criticism, it was nominated for an Oscar in ten categories. Four years after this delivery arrives Killers of the Flower Moon.

This production is a drama, the narration of which moves from a historical event. The action of the picture takes place in 1920 and is dedicated to a series of real crimes committed against representatives of the Osage Indian tribe in northeastern Oklahoma. What is special about this area? It is rich in oil.

First trailer for Flower Moon AssassinsMartin Scorsese

Flower Moon Assassins It features two actors who are recurring in Martin Scorsese’s recent filmography: Leonardo DiCaprio And Robert DeNiro. They play Ernest Burkhart and William Hale, respectively. Judging by the first images, most of the weight of the story will be on them.

Going back to the events that inspired this film, a series of murders that took place at that time happened mysteriously. It is estimated that more than 60 crimes were committed. Metaphorically, Martin Scorsese’s work focuses on a group of people. The image is viewed while listening to this sentence: “Can you find the wolves in this photo?”

This story will also explore the connection between Leonardo DiCaprio’s character and Robert De Niro. Ernest Burkhart is the nephew of William Hale. Both are united, beyond family ties, by their interest in protecting the land in the context in which they are exploited in the search for oil. Based on this goal, in order to protect the territory they consider their own, these figures will not hesitate to take violent measures.

Premiere Flower Moon Assassinsproduced by Apple TV+ and Paramount Pictures is scheduled for October 6 in US theaters.. In addition to directing the film, Martin Scorsese also wrote the screenplay with Eric Roth.

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