Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have identified a key factor in the development of the disease, known as “Viking disease” or “Dupuytren’s contracture” (palmar fibromatosis). It leads to deformation of the fingers, which is why it is not strongly pressed against the palm. There is no cure for it, and now it is clear why – it was the appearance in the genome of the modern human of the Genes of the Ancient Neanderthals.

It got its name due to the fact that the male population of Northern Europe is most common – up to 30% of men over 60 years old. At the same time, this event practically does not occur in people of African descent, which prompted the idea. They saw the genome of the diseased and also found the ego specialties of the gene, which are not found in people with a pedigree from the southern regions.

Palmar fibromatosisPalmar fibromatosis

The problem is much more complicated than it seems, because Homo sapiens has only 7% of tissues, and even those are mostly enveloped with the structure of the brain. An all-variegated cocktail of naturally extinct Homo, rounded off firmly spread and crossbred into the nature of various natural environments. And in this genetic heritage, there are full, full vulnerabilities for the development of various diseases – for example, already under the confirmed increased RISK of COVID-19 diseases in those identified ancestors were Neanderthals.

Because Homo sapiens was able to see Africa and was left alone, looking at her, and his eyes were hidden. location and geographic location of the “Viking disease” – in other parts of the world, Neanderthals were no longer encountered on the path of man, or these meetings did not have time to have a significant impact on his genome.

Source: Tech Cult

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