Sometimes, even unexpectedly, you discover little utilities that make a big difference in how you use your computer. Tools that make the process so much easier, let you do your job better, or just give you peace of mind. In my case, these three things happened to me with a simple utility that I discovered almost by accident. His name mum.

To understand why Moom has had such an impact on how I use my Mac, I must first acknowledge something: I take comfort in the fact that all the windows are the same size. And, of course, that they are focused.

However, it’s not just about peace of mind. It’s the same, concentration theme. All windows are the same size and position, meaning that only one window is visible when you switch applications. Nothing else takes up screen space. The focus can only be in one place.

Many will think: why don’t you use macOS fullscreen instead of Moom? And that, of course, would be an option. But we’re on the other side of the equation.

  • I like having the dock accessible and visible, both for quick viewing of pending notifications in apps like Slack, and for quick access to specific folders I’ve pinned to the dock or apps I have open.
  • And if the madness of the previous paragraphs was not enough, then it also gives me peace of mind that the background of the computer screen is a little visible during work.

mom is fantastic

Insane aside, Moom has become one of my favorite apps, not just because of the peace of mind it gives me or how it adapts to my preferences when using macOS. Its usefulness goes far beyond. And in many situations where I need to display a lot of information at once, it makes organizing my windows much easier. I give a couple of examples:

  • Imagine that you need, for example, four windows visible at the same time. And this is the position you need to adjust recursively. You have two ways to do this: manually resize the windows when you need them, or create a template in Moom that will allow you, by pressing a predefined key combination, to set all windows to the exact position and size you need.
  • In the previous case, you can also just set up Moom so that by dragging windows to the corners, each one takes up a quarter of the screen corresponding to each corner.

However, Moom’s capabilities go far beyond the above. Here are some things it allows you to automate or simplify:

  • Move and resize the window so that it occupies exactly the part of the entire screen that you yourself predefined in the application. This is the one I use to keep all windows the same size and centered.
  • Move the specified number of pixels to the window position. For example: move the position of the window in question 50 pixels to the left.
  • Move the window to a corner or to the side.
  • Move the window to another screen.
  • Center the window.
  • Resize the window so that it takes up exactly the specified number of pixels. For example: you can ask Moom to make the window exactly 1400 x 900 pixels.
  • Increase the size of the window by the specified number of pixels, but only in the specified direction. For example: increase the horizontal size of the window by 50 pixels.
  • Reduce the size of the window by the specified number of pixels and in the specified direction. For example: reduce the vertical size of the window by 30 pixels.
  • Activate full screen mode.
  • Create a specific window layout (size, position, etc.) and be able to set it with one click. Moom also knows how to take a kind of screenshot of the pattern and remember it for the next one.
  • You can extend the options that appear on the green button in macOS windows so that when you hover over it, additional predefined window layouts appear in addition to the system defaults.

If you are even a little interested in these window management options, I recommend that you install the trial version of Moom available on the official website and start checking how useful it is for you (or not, if so). If you fall in love with it like I did, you can always buy the full app from the Mac App Store or its official store.

Source: Hiper Textual

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