Electric cargo drone “Evocargo”

Specialists of the large Russian marketplace Wildberries have begun testing the transportation of goods using unmanned electric vehicles while they work on the territory of the distribution center of a power plant near Moscow.

Drones provided by Evocargo, a partner of Wildberries in the field of logistics and autopilot systems, transferred to a 2.5 km route set by the operator. Electric cars autonomously move loaded packages of goods between the blocks of the center where they are processed.

The carrying capacity of one electric vehicle is two tons, the safety of their movement is determined by highly sensitive sensors and sensors, cameras, as well as a satellite navigation system. At the same time, the operator constantly monitors the movement of drones and can stop the electric vehicles at any time.

Electric cargo drone Electric cargo drone “Evocargo”

According to Wildberries, more than 50,000 orders are transported in this way every day, including large-sized arrhythmic goods, the speed of movement between warehouse blocks can double, which will happen in the future with regard to the prompt delivery of orders to patients.

Looking to the future, after full testing versus mandatory testing, electric vehicles have not passed courses between the company’s data centers, and in the relatively distant future they will reach the main transportation of orders directly to buyermos.

Source: Tech Cult

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