Summer can be a real challenge for our skin, especially when it comes to acne on the buttocks. Dermatologist Natalya Shchepleva of SM-Clinic explains that this type of acne can occur for a number of reasons. Synthetic clothing, poor hygiene, and intense exercise in sports can contribute to this problem. In summer, it is especially important to follow the rules of hygiene and to bathe several times a day, especially after heavy sweating.

However, there is one more nuance we should be aware of – the danger of sitting on public surfaces. The doctor explains that when we sweat in the summer, a special vacuum effect is created that contributes to the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Sometimes people sit with their bare hips in public places, whether it’s transport, a hammam or a sauna. This behavior also increases the risk of acne on the buttocks.

To prevent and combat back and buttock acne, doctors offer some helpful tips. It is especially important to wash regularly and use special pharmacy products containing salicylic acid, zinc and other anti-inflammatory components. This will help reduce inflammation and prevent acne flare-ups. It is recommended to use these products about three times a week in summer to keep acne under control and keep the skin in good condition.

Source: Ferra

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