Oral cavity diseases can affect internal organs, and this has been scientifically confirmed. Dentist Elena Martynova explains that the oral cavity is part of the digestive system, so dental problems can affect the processing and absorption of food. They can lead to the development of gastritis and other diseases of the digestive system, as well as cause allergic reactions.

The expert notes that the incorrect position or absence of teeth makes it difficult to chew food normally. As a result, gastritis occurs, which can cause the problems to spread further to the gastrointestinal tract and liver. Oral diseases can also cause dizziness and earache.

Bacteria, especially streptococci, are an important factor in the development of dental caries and inflammatory gum disease. Inadequate oral hygiene leads to rapid proliferation of bacteria and destruction of dental tissues. If the bacteria spread to the upper part of the tooth root, it can cause bone destruction and even sinusitis. In addition, dental problems can be associated with frequent sore throats, otitis and other inflammatory diseases, as well as contribute to the development of heart problems, kidney disease and rheumatism. Dental treatment is the only option and the use of antibiotics makes the situation worse. Constant exacerbation and weakening of the immune system can cause these diseases to pass into the chronic form.

There is a relationship between diseases of the oral cavity and other organs. Patients with problems with the stomach, liver, diabetes mellitus and blood diseases may experience changes in the oral mucosa long before the onset of symptoms of the underlying disease. This illustrates the importance of timely visits to the dentist for the prevention and treatment of oral problems, especially in patients with associated risks.

Source: Ferra

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