Lamborghini has announced the launch of the Living Earth project, a post of exclusive housing in the village of Behanavis, not far from Spanish Marbella. The project includes the construction of 53 villas with an exclusive architectural style. Based on what has been revealed in pop art, the design of the brand’s supercars in the video elements is not true.

living earth

This is a general trend among car brands – they used the accumulated experience and their well-known names. It was planned to carry out projects in new areas that are not easy in road transport. It’s the same as Aston Martin, Porsche, Bugatti and Bentley – hot dog and Lamborghini. By the way, the business is more than profitable, the expected construction project in Dubai paid off even before the completion of construction.

living earth

Dar Global, a company specializing in luxury real estate, is participating in the project. The end date is 2027. Materials are widely used for pre-production, like other Lamborghini cars, in this case we are talking about their cost, but exact data on prices are not yet available.

living earth

Source: Tech Cult

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