Whether for fun or productivity, Headphones have become an indispensable accessory for those who work or study from home.. Mostly, those who need to attend online meetings and lectures.

In these cases, a headset with a microphone will basically be a tool for remote work and studies.. In addition to providing clear, interference-free sound, it is essential that accessories make communication clear and efficient.

Moreover It is important that the headset has a comfortable and ergonomic design. This will provide a pleasant experience during prolonged use, whether it is video conferences, virtual lectures or just listening to music and podcasts.

Currently, there are several options for headsets with a good cost-benefit ratio, and therefore Technology World He chose five basic models for those looking for affordable devices.

1. Philips Headphones TAUE101BK

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Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Philips Wired Headphones have a 1.2 meter long microphone and have a modern design for comfort.

34.30 BRL

When opening the list, the Philips TAUE101BK headphone cost-effective entry-level option. uses accessories 14.2mm neodymium speaker drivers according to the brand, giving clear and balanced sound.

The microphone is located above the multimedia control button on the 1.20 m extension cable.. Lightweight and comfortable for different wearers, the in-ear design is inspired by the curves of the ear.

For connection, Philips Headphone TAUE101BK has a traditional P2 connector (3.5mm). With this, the accessory can be easily used to hold online meetings and lectures on computers, smartphones and tablets.

2. Headphone i2GO Bass Go 2

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Image: Headset I2GO, Bass Go 2

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

This Headphone has 1.2M TPE straight-in auxiliary cable. 40mm drivers.

108.00 BRL

Headphone i2GO Bass Go 2 is indicated for those who want it. Immersive sound for work, study and play. With 40mm driversThe model promises clear sound in video calls and full bass with Bass+ technology while listening to music.

Headset with microphone that considers comfort in long-term use, padded earmuffs and headband. Another feature that stands out is the multimedia control button. 1.20m straight style tangle free twine.

Compatible with laptops and mobile devices, Headphone i2GO Bass Go 2 has a 3.5mm jack. Also, the accessory can be used on modern console controllers.

3. JBL Tune 110 Headphones

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Image: JBL Earbuds, Tuning 110, ?JBLT110BLK

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With its seamless design, it’s the right choice for those who value the best in-ear cable experience, JBL Pure Bass sound, and durable, knot-free flat cable.

89.00 BRL

A companion for different activities, the JBL Tune 110 headphones are another cost-effective option. adopts the model 9mm driver for clean sound and powerful bass when listening to music in online meetings Pure Bass feature.

With in-ear design and three sizes of rubber tips, the accessory is lightweight and offers comfort for long-term use. next to you 1.10m flat cableThe model has a multimedia control button that allows you to answer calls with the built-in microphone.

JBL Tune 110, which has a 3.5 mm jack in line with the recommendations in the list, can be used on computers, mobile phones and tablets.

4. Headset Pmcell FO 15

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Image: PmCell Wired Headset

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This in-ear wired headset model, The design of the Ear 7+ earphones is the same as the Airpods. It also has speakers designed to minimize loss and maximize sound output.

36.28 BRL

The Pmcell FO 15 headset is another recommended accessory for anyone looking for a headset. business, education and entertainment tool. The featured model adopts an in-ear design similar to Apple’s older AirPods.

The model that makes it easy to use in meetings and online classes or while listening to music, multimedia control button with built-in microphone. The 1.20 m band has a TPU coating to withstand the rigors of everyday life.

The Pmcell FO 15 headphone uses 3.5mm jack which makes it compatible with laptops and mobile devices. Also, the model comes with a Lightning adapter for use on the latest versions of the iPhone.

5. QCY T13 Bluetooth Headset

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Picture: QCY T13 TWS wireless earphones

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This model is ideal for those looking for sound quality and durability. QCY Wireless Headphones have Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with 4 Touch Control microphones IPX5 waterproof and long battery life

159.00 BRL

QCY T13 headset Suitable for those who want to get rid of cables and have other extra features without spending too much. uses models 7.2mm dynamic drivers It promises richly detailed sound during video calls and listening to music.

With a lightweight and rubber-tipped in-ear design, the accessory also has touch controls and IPX4 certified against splashing water. Another attraction is the four microphones, two on each earpiece. electronic noise cancellation (ENC).

QCY T1 headset with low signal delay, Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. presents the model Up to 8 hours of playback per charge and the QuickCharger system (10 minutes in the carrying case, up to 1 hour of use guaranteed).

Headphones at TecMundo Comparador

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A catalog full of options, from gaming models to the most powerful and wireless models. Find your favorite model and compare prices at the main retailers on the market!

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