The iconic character and mascot of Microsoft Office, the animated paper clip Clippy, has a difficult fate. Back in 1997, the development of the office suite protocol was entrusted with its function as an assistant to novice PC users. Somehow the Clipps got irritated, and that’s it. The “resurrection” poppies from 2001 to 2019 are good, and not only were they bright, they ended in nothing.

The new “advent” of Clippy took place on June 28 this year, this time fully armed with Modern Technologies already as an assistant for Windows 11 based on OpenAI Codex technology using a neural network.

The developer of the updated Clippy, the FireCube encoder, adorned his brainchild with GraUCo eyebrows (GraUCo Marx is a famous American comic book, whose stage image was complemented by thick raised eyebrows. Note ed. Techcult). She now communicates using the OpenAI GPT-3.5 language model.

Clippy AI is a free app that can be installed on Windows 11. It is similar in concept to the familiar paperclip with government review rights and answers user questions.

Clippy AI’s features include writing poetry, drawing, solving math problems, making jokes, anecdotes, discussing any interesting facts in the process of getting. True, while the paper clip is only available in English language.

Source: Tech Cult

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