Avanti’s Business Patriotism Development Association has proposed fining Russian bloggers for advertising goods and services from hostile countries. Due to systematic violation of the prohibition, it is proposed to enter them in the register of foreign agents.

Patriotic businessmen proposed to fine bloggers for advertising products from hostile countries

The organization believes that the responsibility for non-compliance with these measures “must be proportional to the advertising of prohibited merchandise and be, in accordance with section 7 of article 14.3. Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, from 500 thousand to 3 million rubles, ”writes RIA Novosti.

The association’s president, Rakhman Yansukov, added that Russian products often remain in the shadow of their foreign counterparts due to the saturation of advertising streams calling for the purchase of imported products.

  • The State Duma in June 2023 approved the introduction of fines for non-compliance with the law on the labeling of online advertising. Parliamentarians approved the corresponding bill in the third reading.
  • Experts interviewed by RB.RU believe that the share of the gray advertising market should decrease by 30-40% after the introduction of fines, but sanctions will not ultimately solve the problem – any unscrupulous market player will find a way around any of the blockades. In addition, small market participants may also suffer.


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Source: RB

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