Beeline reported that the average speed of the Internet on the Big Circle Line (BKL) in Moscow increased by 40%.

It was possible to achieve improvements on the line due to the inclusion of new additional 4G bands – 800 and 2100. The total number of used BCL base stations increased by 15%, to 248 units.

The port operator, who is responsible for his tasks every time. So, the 800 range allows you to get the original station, and 2100 – to use the network for a larger number of connected subscribers.

At new and proposed BCL stations, the speed can reach 250 Mbps.

Staying in touch for many Muscovites is a key daily need, and our task is to fill this need.

Every day, residents and guests of the capital go to the metro, and the quality of communication is becoming familiar to them, both at the stations and during the movement of trains. But with the growth in quality, growth and consumption, so we do not stop there and made our network on the city’s fastest transport even faster and faster.

— Biryukov, Regional Director of the Moscow Region of PJSC VimpelCom

According to TelecomDaily, Beeline is the leader in stable and uninterrupted Internet connection on the Big Circle Line (data as of March 2023). The operator added that the 4G/LTE network uses the entire access line to VoLTE technologies.

Source: Iphones RU

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