Online English school Skyeng launched a chatbot on Telegram based on Chat GPT to prepare interviews in English. The user will be able to simulate an audio interview with a virtual human resources manager in an IT company. This was reported to RB.RU in the press service of the school.

Skyeng Launches GPT-Based Chatbot to Prepare for Job Interviews at an IT Company

With the help of AI HR Interview, you can practice interviewing for product manager, project manager, product designer, IT developer and data analyst positions at Yandex, Google, Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Pfizer, Netflix, Apple and Intel.

Using the bot, you can also choose the purpose of the interview: for example, to become more confident in passing interviews, improve spoken business English, or find out if the user will receive a job offer from companies in the simulator.

Since June 28, 620 people have used the program. Access to the bot is now free. According to Skyeng, from the fifth run of the simulator, users show a higher result than the first time.

  • In March, a Moscow court decided to charge Skyeng, an online English school, 60,000 rubles as a fine for leaking user data. The scale of the leak was not named during the meeting. The proceedings are related to the June 2022 incident, when the data of 5 million users of the service, including emails, Skype IDs and other information, entered the public domain. Then the scammers offered to buy the entire database for 40 thousand rubles.


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Source: RB

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